Monday, November 5, 2012

How to unlock Wordpress Admin when Theme My Login locks you up

The other day, I got myself into trouble when I forgot my admin password (silly me!) Well, I am a wordpress kid so I deserve the right to commit such silly mistakes. I knew that it got locked because of the Theme-My-Login plugin. But I didnt know how to unlock it.

To unlock my admin login, I kept moving from pillar to post in search of a trick. Some said there was no solution and some dared to give a trick (like change the plugin name). Somehow none worked for me.

I thought I should do something myself and did these following steps and it worked. Here are the steps you may want to use in case you got locked up by Theme My Login plugin.

  • Step 1: Try to find your way straight to your database itself.
    • If you are using cpanel, then the click on PhpMyAdmin where you actually find your wordpress installed database and its related tables. 
  • Step 2: Try to find wp_usermeta table and open the table
    • Opening wp_usermeta table is quite easy in PhpMyAdmin. All you need to do is click on your database on the left panel and a list of tables will be presented. From this you can easily click on wp_usermeta table.
  • Step 3: Try to find the row having meta_key as "theme_my_login_security"
    • You can find this in the same table under meta_key column. If there are too many rows and you are finding it difficult to find this meta_key, then you can write a SQL query in the SQL Query option on the top menu. The query could be like this:
      • SELECT * 
        FROM `wp_usermeta` 
        WHERE `user_id` =1
        AND `meta_key` = 'theme_my_login_security'
        LIMIT 0 , 30
  • Step 4: Delete that row having theme_my_login_security as meta_key
    • Deleting is a fairly easy task on PhpMyAdmin. Simply click on Delete link corresponding to the row having theme_my_login_security as meta_key. 
  • Step 5: Take a deep breathe and Login from a new browser.
    • Success, isn't it? If not then send me all your brickbats along with the specific detail of your problem. This kid of wordpress can try to help you in such a case. 
Hope this trick is useful for you. 


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    4. where should i paste that sql code ? please help me my website is

    5. You should use phpmyadmin to go your wordpress database and pass this query in that. PhpMyAdmin will be in your hosting cpanel. But if you are not familiar with this, then better try to consult an expert to do this as any wrong step might harm your database.

    6. I cann't acess my phpmyadmin to go to my wordpress. what can be? my web is

      1. You should access phpmyadmin using your hosting control panel (like cpanel). Ask your website provider to give you access to phpmyadmin.